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LMU-ASC 082/15
E. Malek
Dualising consistent truncation

LMU-ASC 081/15
L. A. Anchordoqui, I. Antoniadis, H. Goldberg, X. Huang, D. Lüst, T. R. Taylor
750 GeV diphotons from closed string states of the RR-sector

LMU-ASC 080/15
E. D. Skvortsov
On (Un)Broken Higher-Spin Symmetry in Vector Models

LMU-ASC 079/15
D. S. Berman, C. D. A. Blair, E. Malek, F. J. Rudolph
An action for F-theory: $SL(2) \times \mathbb{R}^+$ Exceptional Field Theory

LMU-ASC 078/15
S. Groot Nibbelink, F. Ruehle
Heterotic line bundle models

LMU-ASC 077/15
L. Ferro, T. Lukowski, A. Orta, M. Parisi
Towards the Amplituhedron Volume

LMU-ASC 076/15
E. Brehm, I. Brunner, D. Jaud, C. Schmidt-Colinet
Entanglement and topological defects

LMU-ASC 075/15
I. de Vega, D. Alonso
Dynamics of non-Markovian open quantum systems

LMU-ASC 073/15
G. Lopes Cardoso, M. Haack, S. Nampuri
Nernst branes with Lifshitz asymptotics from N=2 gauged supergravity

LMU-ASC 072/15
A. Celis, W.-Z. Feng, D. Lüst
Stringy Explanation of b->s ll anomalies

LMU-ASC 071/15
S. Massai
Stringy geometry from F-theory

LMU-ASC 070/15
M. Haack, J. U. Kang
One-loop Einstein-Hilbert term in minimally supersymmetric type IIB orientifolds

LMU-ASC 069/15
G. Buchalla, O. Cata, A. Celis, C. Krause
Fitting Higgs Data with Nonlinear Effective Theory

LMU-ASC 068/15
O. Andreev
Some Aspects of Three-Quark Potentials

LMU-ASC 067/15
K. Balzer, F. A. Wolf, I. P. McCulloch, P. Werner, M. Eckstein
Nonthermal Melting of Néel Order in the Hubbard Model

LMU-ASC 066/15
S. Datta, J. David, D. Lüst
Heterotic string on the CHL orbifold of K3

LMU-ASC 065/15
R. Blumenhagen, A. Font, M. Fuchs, D. Herschmann, E. Plauschinn
Large field inflation and string moduli stabilization

LMU-ASC 064/15
E. Malek, H. Samtleben
Dualising consistent IIA / IIB truncation

LMU-ASC 063/15
T. Erler
Relating Berkovits and $A_\infty$ Superstring Field Theories; Large Hilbert Space Perspective

LMU-ASC 062/15
Zhongtao Mei, L. Vidmar, F. Heidrich-Meisner, C. J. Bolech
Unveiling hidden structure of many-body wave functions of integrable systems via sudden expansion experiments

LMU-ASC 061/15
J. Hauschild, F. Pollmann, F. Heidrich-Meisner
Sudden expansion and domain-wall melting of strongly interacting bosons in two dimensional optical lattices and on multi-leg ladders

LMU-ASC 060/15
P. du Bosque, F. Hassler, D. Lüst
Flux Formulation of DFT on Group Manifolds and Generalized Scherk-Schwarz Compactifications

LMU-ASC 059/15
G. Dvali, C. Gome, D. Lüst
Classical Limit of Black Hole Quantum N-Portrait and BMS Symmetry

LMU-ASC 058/15
I. Brunner, C. Schmidt-Colinet
Reflection and transmission of conformal perturbation defects

LMU-ASC 057/15
A. Celis, M. Jung, X.-Q. Li, A. Pich
Tree-level constraints on a charged Higgs

LMU-ASC 056/15
F. Jin, R. Steinigeweg, F. Heidrich-Meisner, K. Michielsen, H. De Raedt
Finite-temperature charge transport in the one-dimensional Hubbard model

LMU-ASC 055/15
D. Flassig, A. Franca, A. Pritzel
Large-N ground state of the Lieb-Liniger model and Yang-Mills theory on a two-sphere

LMU-ASC 054/15
C. Brockt, F. Dorfner, L. Vidmar, F. Heidrich-Meisner
Matrix-product-state method with a dynamical local basis optimization for bosonic systems out of equilibrium

LMU-ASC 053/15
A. Kantian, U. Schollwöck, T. Giamarchi
Lattice assisted spectroscopy: a generalized scanning tunnelling microscope for ultra-cold atoms

LMU-ASC 052/15
I. de Vega, U. Schollwöck, F. Alexander Wolf
How to discretize a quantum bath for real-time evolution?

LMU-ASC 051/15
F. Alexander Wolf, A. Go, I. P. McCulloch, A. J. Millis, U. Schollwöck
Imaginary-time matrix product state impurity solver for dynamical mean-field theory

LMU-ASC 050/15
D. Lüst, S. Massai, V. Vall Camell
The Monodromy of T-folds and T-fects

LMU-ASC 049/15
R. Blumenhagen, A. Font, E. Plauschinn
Relating Double Field Theory to the Scalar Potential of N=2 Gauged Supergravity

LMU-ASC 048/15
K. Wienand, M. Lechner , F. Becker , H. Jung , E. Frey
Non-selective evolution of growing populations

LMU-ASC 047/15
S. Groot Nibbelink, O. Loukas, F. Ruehle
(MS)SM-like models on smooth Calabi-Yau manifolds from all three heterotic string theories

LMU-ASC 046/15
M. Blaszczyk, S. Groot Nibbelink, O. Loukas, F. Ruehle
Calabi-Yau compactifications of non-supersymmetric heterotic string theory

LMU-ASC 045/15
L. Anchordoqui, I. Antoniadis, H. Goldberg, X. Huang, D. Luest, T. Taylor
Stringy origin of dibosons and dijet excesses at the LHC

LMU-ASC 044/15
F. Kolley, M. Piraud, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schollwöck, F. Heidrich-Meisner
Strongly interacting bosons on a three-leg ladder in the presence of a homogeneous flux

LMU-ASC 043/15
A. M. Tsvelik, O. M. Yevtushenko
Quantum Phase Transition and Protected Ideal Transport in a Kondo Chain

LMU-ASC 042/15
S. Li, W. Li, Z. Chen
Topology-driven phase transitions in the classical monomer-dimer-loop model

LMU-ASC 041/15
T. Erler, S. Konopka, I. Sachs
Ramond Equations of Motion in Superstring Field Theory

LMU-ASC 040/15
S. Konopka
The S-matrix of Superstring Field Theory

LMU-ASC 039/15
C. Karrasch, D. M. Kennes, F. Heidrich-Meisner
Thermal conductivity of the one-dimensional Fermi-Hubbard model

LMU-ASC 038/15
B. Bruognolo, J. v. Delft, A. Weichselbaum
Symmetric Minimally Entangled Typical Thermal States

LMU-ASC 037/15
S. Groot Nibbelink, O. Loukas, F. Ruehle, P. K. S. Vaudrevange
Infinite number of MSSMs from heterotic line bundles?

LMU-ASC 036/15
I. d. Vega, M.-C. Bañuls
Thermofield-based chain mapping approach for open quantum systems

LMU-ASC 035/15
L. Vidmar, J. P. Ronzheimer, M. Schreiber, S. Braun, S. S. Hodgman, S. Langer, F. Heidrich-Meisner, I. Bloch, U. Schneiderr
Dynamical Quasicondensation of Hard-Core Bosons at Finite Momenta

LMU-ASC 034/15
O. Cata, M. Jung
Signatures of a nonstandard Higgs from flavor physics

LMU-ASC 033/15
S. R. Roy, D. Sarkar
Holograms of pure state black holes

LMU-ASC 032/15
T. Erler
Relating Berkovits and A∞ Superstring Field Theories; Small Hilbert Space Perspective

LMU-ASC 031/16
G. Dvali, L. Funcke
Small neutrino masses from gravitational $\theta$-term

LMU-ASC 031/15
A. Bauer, F. Dorfner, F. Heidrich-Meisner
Temporal decay of Neel order in the one-dimensional Fermi-Hubbard model

LMU-ASC 030/15
T. Erler, Y. Okawa, T. Takezaki
$A_\infty$ structure from the Berkovits formulation of open superstring field theory

LMU-ASC 029/15
L. Reese, A. Melbinger, E. Frey
Traffic Dynamic Instability

LMU-ASC 028/15
Alejandro Celis
On the search for a second scalar doublet at the LHC

LMU-ASC 027/15
I. Bakas, D. Lust
T-Duality, Quotients and Currents for Non-Geometric Closed Strings

LMU-ASC 026/15
L. Alvarez-Gaume, A. Kehagias, C. Kounnas, D. Lust, A. Riotto
Aspects of Quadratic Gravity

LMU-ASC 025/15
S. Greschner, M. Piraud, F. Heidrich-Meisner, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schollwöck, T. Vekua
Spontaneous increase of magnetic flux and chiral-current reversal in bosonic ladders: Swimming against the tide

LMU-ASC 024/15
O. Andreev
Model of the N-Quark Potential in SU(N) Gauge Theory using Gauge-String Duality

LMU-ASC 023/15
E. Brehm, I. Brunner
Entanglement entropy through conformal interfaces in the 2D Ising model

LMU-ASC 022/15
A. Celis, J. Fuentes-Martin, M. Jung, H. Serodio
Family non-universal Z' models with protected flavor-changing interactions

LMU-ASC 021/15
D. Junghans
Large-Field Inflation with Multiple Axions and the Weak Gravity Conjecture

LMU-ASC 020/15
M.-C. Chen, M. Fallbacher, M. Ratz, A. Trautner, P. K. S. Vaudrevange
Anomaly-safe discrete groups

LMU-ASC 019/15
G. Buchalla, O. Cata, A. Celis, C. Krause
Note on Anomalous Higgs-Boson Couplings in Effective Field Theory

LMU-ASC 018/15
F. Alexander Wolf, J. A. Justiniano, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schollwöck
Spectral functions and time evolution from the Chebyshev recursion

LMU-ASC 017/151
R. Blumenhagen, A. Font, M. Fuchs, D. Herschmann, E. Plauschinn, Y. Sekiguchi, F. Wolf
A Flux-Scaling Scenario for High-Scale Moduli Stabilization in String Theory

LMU-ASC 016/15
J. Knebel, M. F. Weber, T. Krüger, E. Frey
Evolutionary games of condensates in coupled birth-death processes

LMU-ASC 015/15
S. Bera, H. Schomerus, F. Heidrich-Meisner, J. H. Bardarson
Many-body localization characterized from a one-particle perspective

LMU-ASC 014/15
P. Böhl, B. King, H. Ruhl
Vacuum high harmonic generation in the shock regime

LMU-ASC 013/15
O. M. Yevtushenko, A. Wulgater, V. I. Yudson, B. L. Altshuler
Transport in helical Luttinger Liquid with Kondo impurities

LMU-ASC 012/15
A. Bauer, F. Dorfner, F. Heidrich-Meisner
Temporal decay of Neel order in the one-dimensional Fermi-Hubbard model

LMU-ASC 011/15
G. Abbas, A. Celis, X.-Q. Li, J. Lu, A. Pich
Flavour-changing top decays in the aligned two-Higgs-doublet model

LMU-ASC 010/15
R. Blumenhagen, A. Font, M. Fuchs, D. Herschmann, E. Plauschinn
Towards Axionic Starobinsky-like Inflation in String Theory

LMU-ASC 009/15
M. Ratz, P. K. S. Vaudrevange
Singlet extensions of the MSSM with Z_R^4 symmetry

LMU-ASC 008/15
L. Mirzagholi, A. Vikman
Imperfect Dark Matter

LMU-ASC 007/15
Stefan Groot Nibbelink
Model building with the non-supersymmetric heterotic SO(16)xSO(16) string

LMU-ASC 006/15
A. Kehagias, C. Kounnas, D. Lüst, A. Riotto
Black Hole Solutions in R2 Gravity

LMU-ASC 005/15
C. Germani, D. Sarkar
Firewalls as artefacts of inconsistent truncations of quantum geometries
arXiv: 1502.03129

LMU-ASC 004/15
S. Dal Conte, L. Vidmar, D. Golež, M. Mierzejewski, G. Soavi, S. Peli, F. Banfi, G. Ferrini, R. Comin, B. M. Ludbrook, L. Chauviere, N. D. Zhigadlo, H. Eisaki, M. Greven, S. Lupi, A. Damascelli, D. Brida, M. Capone, J. Bonča, G. Cerullo, C. Giannetti
Snapshots of the retarded interaction of charge carriers with ultrafast fluctuations in cuprates

LMU-ASC 003/15
R. Blumenhagen, P. du Bosque, F. Hassler, D. Lüst
Generalized Metric Formulation of Double Field Theory on Group Manifolds

LMU-ASC 002/15
C.Hubig, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schollwöck, F. A. Wolf
A strictly single-site DMRG algorithm with subspace expansion

LMU-ASC 001/15
M. Piraud, L. Sanchez-Palencia, B. v. Tiggelen
Anderson localization of matter waves in three-dimensional anisotropic disordered potentials