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Call for Proposals

The scientific activities of the ASC include workshops, thematic programs, conferences and schools. They generally consist of a period (of up to three months) of concentrated activity in a specific area of current research activity in theoretical physics and related disciplines. They should include opportunities for the involvement of graduate students, such as graduate courses and ready access to long-term visitors.

Proposals for these scientific activities should be sent either to the spokesman of the ASC:

Professor Dieter Lüst

Proposals should be submitted in the following format:

  • names and affiliations of the organizing committee of the proposed program, with full contact information,
  • estimated dates and locations of scientific activity,
  • brief description of the topic, presented in lay terms:
    • description of the topic to be covered,
    • scientific background/history of the topic,
    • recent progress,
  • argument about why such a program should be run,
  • outline of the proposed program,
  • proposed graduate courses, with names and affiliations of instructors
  • proposed budget,
  • names and affiliations of proposed short- and long-term participants,
  • curriculum vitae for each proposed organizing committee member,
  • names and contact information of two potential referees.


Sommerfeld Lecture Series

The Sommerfeld Lecture Series brings a renowned theoretical physicist to the ASC to give a series of three lectures. The first of the lectures is intended for a general audience, the second is intended as a colloquium talk, and the third is intended for a more specialized audience.

The ASC will designate a lecturer on the basis of outstanding contributions to the advancement of theoretical physics, with excellence in research and strong presentation skills as the main selection criteria.

Proposals for nominations should include supporting documentation and contact information on the candidate, and should be sent either to the spokesman of the ASC:

Professor Dieter Lüst

Last Updated (June, 13 2008 )