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LMU-ASC 088/13
K. Goss, M. Leijnse, S. Smerat, M. R. Wegewijs, C. M. Schneider, C. Meyer
Parallel carbon nanotube quantum dots and their interactions
Phys. Rev. B 87, 035424 (2013)

LMU-ASC 087/13
S. M. Kuzenko, U. Lindstrom, M. Rocek, I. Sachs, G. Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli
Three-dimensional N = 2 supergravity theories: From superspace to components

LMU-ASC 086/13
W. Li, S. Yang, M. Cheng, Z.-X. Liu, H.-h. Tu
Topology and Criticality in Resonating AKLT-loop Spin Liquid States

LMU-ASC 085/13
F. Haßler, D. Lüst
Consistent Compactification of Double Field Theory on Non-geometric Flux Backgrounds

LMU-ASC 084/13
N. Fornengo, L. Maccione, A. Vittino
Constraints on particle dark matter from cosmic-rays antiprotons

LMU-ASC 083/13
C. Karrasch, J. E. Moore, F. Heidrich-Meisner
Real-time and real-space spin- and energy dynamics in one-dimensional spin-1/2 systems induced by local quantum quenches at finite temperatures

LMU-ASC 082/13
T. Erler, S. Konopka, I. Sachs
Resolving Witten's Superstring Field Theory

LMU-ASC 081/13
G. Buchalla, O. Cata, C. Krause
On the Power Counting in Effective Field Theories

LMU-ASC 080/13
R. Blumenhagen, M. Fuchs, D. Lüst, R. Sun
Non-associative Deformations of Geometry in Double Field Theory

LMU-ASC 079/13
G. Torlai, L. Tagliacozzo, G. De Chiara
Dynamics of the entanglement spectrum in spin chains

LMU-ASC 078/13
D. Gaggero, D. Grasso, L. Maccione, G. di Bernardo, C. Evoli
PAMELA $e^+$ and $e^-$ spectra are reproduced by 3-dimensional cosmic-ray modeling

LMU-ASC 077/13
C. P. Bachas, I. Brunner, M. R. Douglas, L. Rastelli
Calabi's diastasis as interface entropy

LMU-ASC 076/13
S. Barisch-Dick, G. Lopes Cardoso, M. Haack, A. Veliz-Osorio
Quantum corrections to extremal black brane solutions

LMU-ASC 075/13
M. Hanl, A. Weichselbaum
Local susceptibility and Kondo scaling

LMU-ASC 074/13
F. Thüroff, C. A. Weber, E. Frey
A Critical Assessment of the Boltzmann Approach for Active Systems
Phys. Rev. Lett.

LMU-ASC 073/13
S. Folkerts, C. Germani, N. Wintergerst
Massive spin-2 theories

LMU-ASC 072/13
R. Brustein, A. J. M. Medved
Horizons of semiclassical blackholes are cold

LMU-ASC 071/13
R. Brustein, A. J. M. Medved
Phases of information release during black hole evaporation

LMU-ASC 070/13
G. Buchalla, O. Cata, G. D'Ambrosio
Nonstandard Higgs Couplings from Angular Distributions in h -> Zll

LMU-ASC 069/13
A. Dymarsky, S. Massai
Uplifting the baryonic branch: a test for backreacting anti-D3-branes

LMU-ASC 068/13
O. Andreev, M. Haack, S. Hofmann
On Nonrelativistic Diffeomorphism Invariance

LMU-ASC 067/13
S. Liberati, L. Maccione
Astrophysical constraints on Planck scale dissipative phenomena

LMU-ASC 066/13
A. Khmelnitskiy, V. Rubakov
Pulsar timing signal from ultralight scalar dark matter

LMU-ASC 065/13
E. Vernek, C. A. Busser, E. V. Anda, A. E. Feiguin, G. B. Martins
Polarized currents and spatial separation of Kondo state: NRG study of spin-orbital effect in a double QD

LMU-ASC 064/13
I. Bakas, D. Lüst
3-cocycles, non-associative star-products and the magnetic analogue of R-flux string vacua

LMU-ASC 063/13
T. Liu, S.-J. Ran, W. Li, X. Yan, Y. Zhao, G. Su
Featureless quantum spin liquid, 1/3-magnetization plateau state and exotic thermodynamic properties of spin-1/2 frustrated Heisenberg antiferromagnet on Husimi lattice

LMU-ASC 062/13
W. Li, A. Weichselbaum, J. v. Delft
Identifying Symmetry-Protected Topological Order by Entanglement Entropy

LMU-ASC 061/13
F. Bauer, J. Heyder, E. Schubert, D. Borowsky, D. Taubert, B. Bruognolo, D. Schuh, W. Wegscheider, J. v. Delft, S. Ludwig
Microscopic Origin of the 0.7-Anomaly in Quantum Point Contacts

LMU-ASC 060/13
S. Groot Nibbelink, O. Loukas
MSSM-like models on Z(8) toroidal orbifolds

LMU-ASC 059/13
O. Hohm, D. Luest, B. Zwiebach
The Spacetime of Double Field Theory: Review and Outlook

LMU-ASC 058/13
S. Groot Nibbelink, F. Kurz, P. Patalong
Renormalization of a Lorentz invariant doubled worldsheet theory

LMU-ASC 057/13
F. Kolley, S. Depenbrock, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schollwöck, V. Alba
Entanglement spectroscopy of SU(2)-broken phases in two dimensions

LMU-ASC 056/13
V. Alba, K. Saha, M. Haque
Bethe ansatz description of edge-localization in the open-boundary XXZ spin chain

LMU-ASC 055/13
C. A. Busser, G. B. Martins, A. E. Feiguin
Lanczos transformation for quantum impurity problems in d-dimensional lattices: application to graphene nanoribbons

LMU-ASC 054/13
S. Groot Nibbelink, L. Carlevaro
Heterotic warped Eguchi-Hanson spectra with five-branes and line bundles

LMU-ASC 053/13
C.-M. Pop, E. Frey
Language change in a multiple group society

LMU-ASC 052/13
O. Goulko, F. Chevy, C. Lobo
Spin Drag of a Fermi Gas in a Harmonic Trap

LMU-ASC 051/13
C. Germani
On the many saddle points description of quantum black holes

LMU-ASC 050/13
G. Dvali, D. Flassig, C. Gomez, A. Pritzel, N. Wintergerst
Scrambling in the Black Hole Portrait

LMU-ASC 049/13
I. Brunner, N. Carqueville, D. Plencner
Orbifolds and topological defects

LMU-ASC 048/13
J. C. Halimeh, A. Wöllert, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schollwöck, T. Barthel
Domain-wall melting in ultracold boson systems with hole and spin-flip defects

LMU-ASC 047/13
E. A. Bergshoeff, S. de Haan, O. Hohm, W. Merbis, P. K. Townsend
Zwei-Dreibein Gravity

LMU-ASC 046/13
C. Condeescu, I. Florakis, C. Kounnas, D. Lüst
Gauged supergravities and non-geometric Q/R-fluxes from asymmetric orbifold CFT's

LMU-ASC 045/13
O. Hohm, H. Samtleben
U-duality covariant gravity

LMU-ASC 044/13
O. Hohm, H. Samtleben
Gauge theory of Kaluza-Klein and winding modes

LMU-ASC 043/13
D. Gaggero, L. Maccione
Model independent interpretation of recent CR lepton data after AMS-02
arxiv :1307.0271

LMU-ASC 042/13
G. Buchalla, O. Cata, C. Krause
Complete Electroweak Chiral Lagrangian with a Light Higgs at NLO

LMU-ASC 041/13
N. Fornengo, L. Maccione, A. Vittino
Dark matter searches with cosmic antideuterons: status and perspectives

LMU-ASC 040/13
F. Farakos, C. Germani, A. Kehagias
Ghost-free Supersymmetric Galileons

LMU-ASC 039/13
O. Hohm, W. Siegel, B. Zwiebach
Doubled α'-Geometry

LMU-ASC 038/13
M. Hanl, A. Weichselbaum, T. A. Costi, F. Mallet, L. Saminadayar, C. Bäuerle, J. v. Delft
Iron impurities in gold and silver (II): Comparison of transport measurements to numerical renormalization group calculations exploiting non-Abelian symmetries

LMU-ASC 037/13
B. King, H. Ruhl
Trident pair production in a constant crossed field

LMU-ASC 036/13
F. Loparco, L. Maccione, M. N. Mazziotta
Inferring the local interstellar spectrum of cosmic ray protons from PAMELA data

LMU-ASC 035/13
L. Vidmar, S. Langer, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schneider, U. Schollwoeck, F. Heidrich-Meisner
Sudden expansion of Mott insulators in one dimension

LMU-ASC 034/13
M. M. Kay
On the Quantization of Special Kaehler Manifolds

LMU-ASC 033/13
T. Barthel, U. Schollwöck, S. Sachdev
Scaling of the thermal spectral function for quantum critical bosons in one dimension

LMU-ASC 032/13
B. Lake, D. A. Tennant, J.-S. Caux, T. Barthel, U. Schollwöck, S. E. Nagler, C. D. Frost
Multispinon continua at zero and finite temperature in a near-ideal Heisenberg chain

LMU-ASC 031/13
E. Malatsetxebarria, Z. Cai, U. Schollwöck, M. A. Cazalilla
Dissipative effects on the superfluid to insulator transition in mixed-dimensional optical lattices

LMU-ASC 030/13
J. Honer, C. Halimeh, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schollwöck, H.-P. Büchler
Fractional excitations in cold atomic gases

LMU-ASC 029/13
T. Barthel
Precise evaluation of thermal response functions by optimized density matrix renormalization group schemes

LMU-ASC 028/13
B. King, H. Ruhl
Trident pair production in a constant crossed field

LMU-ASC 027/13
Z. Cai, T. Barthel
Algebraic and exponential decoherence in dissipative many-particle systems

LMU-ASC 026/13
S. Folkerts, C. Germani, J. Redondo
Axion Dark Matter and Planck favor non-minimal couplings to gravity

LMU-ASC 025/13
D. Gaggero, L. Maccione, G. Di Bernardo, C. Evoli, D. Grasso
3-dimensional modeling of cosmic-ray lepton propagation in light of AMS-02 results

LMU-ASC 024/13
S. Di Napoli, A. Weichselbaum, P. Roura-Bas, A. A. Aligia, Y. Mokrousov, S. Blügel
Non-Fermi liquid behavior in transport through Co doped Au chains

LMU-ASC 023/13
M. Treiber, P. M. Ostrovsky, O. M. Yevtushenko, J. v. Delft, I. V. Lerner
Quantum Corrections to the Polarizability and Dephasing in Isolated Disordered Metals

LMU-ASC 022/13
F. Haupt, S. Smolka, M. Hanl, W. Wüster, J. Miguel-Sanchez, A. Weichselbaum, J. v. Delft, A. Imamoglu
Fano-interference in an optical transition from a neutral quantum dot to a correlated many-body state

LMU-ASC 021/13
M. Flory, I. Sachs
Dynamical Black Holes in 2 + 1 Dimensions

LMU-ASC 020/13
L. Maccione, S. Liberati, D. M. Mattingly
Violations of Lorentz invariance in the neutrino sector: an improved analysis of anomalous threshold constraints

LMU-ASC 019/13
S. Depenbrock, F. Pollmann
Phase diagram of the isotropic spin-3/2 model on the z=3 Bethe lattice

LMU-ASC 018/13
A. Weichselbaum
Tensor networks and the numerical renormalization group

LMU-ASC 017/13
C. A. Büsser, F. Heidrich-Meisner
Inducing spin-correlations and entanglement in a double quantum dot through non-equilibrium transport

LMU-ASC 016/13
O. Cata
Revisiting ZZ and gamma Z production with effective field theories

LMU-ASC 015/13
L. Alberte, A. Khmelnitskiy
Reduced Massive Gravity with Two Stueckelberg Fields

LMU-ASC 014/13
K. Muenster, I. Sachs
On Homotopy Algebras and Quantum String Field Theory

LMU-ASC 013/13
C. Bachas, I. Brunner, D. Roggenkamp
Fusion of defect lines in the critical 2D Ising model

LMU-ASC 012/13
B. Jurčo, K. Münster
Type II Superstring Field Theory: Geometric Approach and Operadic Description

LMU-ASC 011/13
F. Haßler, D. Lüst
Non-commutative/non-associative IIA (IIB) geometries from Q- and R-branes and their intersections

LMU-ASC 010/13
V. Alba
Entanglement negativity and conformal field theory: a Monte Carlo study

LMU-ASC 009/13
A. Buchner, F. Tostevin, U. Gerland
Clustering and optimal arrangement of enzymes in reaction-diffusion systems
Phys. Rev. Lett.

LMU-ASC 008/13
B. King, N. Elkina, H. Ruhl
Photon polarisation in electron-seeded pair-creation cascades

LMU-ASC 007/13
A. Weber, F. Thüroff, E. Frey
Role of particle conservation in self-propelled particle systems

LMU-ASC 006/13
D. Lüst, X. Zhang
Four Kähler Moduli Stabilisation in type IIB Orientifolds with K3-fibred Calabi-Yau threefold compactification

LMU-ASC 005/13
V. Alba, M. Haque, A. M. Läuchli
Entanglement spectrum of the two dimensional Bose-Hubbard model

LMU-ASC 004/13
C. Karrasch, J. Hauschild, S. Langer, F. Heidrich-Meisner
The Drude weight of the spin-1/2 XXZ chain: density matrix renormalization group versus exact diagonalization

LMU-ASC 003/13
J. P. Ronzheimer, M. Schreiber, S. Braun, S. S. Hodgman, S. Langer, I. P. McCulloch, F. Heidrich-Meisner, I. Bloch, U. Schneider
Expansion dynamics of interacting bosons in homogeneous lattices in one and two dimensions

LMU-ASC 002/13
O. Viehmann, J. v. Delft, F. Marquardt
The quantum transverse-field Ising chain in circuit QED: effects of disorder on the nonequilibrium dynamics

LMU-ASC 001/13
G. Buchalla, O. Cata, R. Rahn, M. Schlaffer
Effective Field Theory Analysis of New Physics in e+e- -> W+W- at a Linear Collider