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LMU-ASC 115/10
J. C. Halimeh, R. Schmied, M. Wegener
Newtonian photorealistic ray tracing of grating cloaks and correlation-function-based cloaking-quality assessment
Opt. Express 19, 6078-6092 (2011) arXiv:1012.5107 PDF

LMU-ASC 114/10
J. C. Halimeh, R. Schmied, M. Wegener
Three-Dimensional Newtonian Photorealistic Ray Tracing of the Conformal Grating Cloak
Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference, OSA (2011), paper QTuG2 OSA PDF

LMU-ASC 113/10
R. Schmied, J. C. Halimeh, M. Wegener
Conformal carpet and grating cloaks
Opt. Express 18, 24361-24367 (2010) arXiv:1009.1044 PDF

LMU-ASC 112/10
M. Eckstein, A. Hack, S. Kehrein, M. Kollar, M. Moeckel, P. Werner, F. A. Wolf
New theoretical approaches for correlated systems in nonequilibrium

LMU-ASC 111/10
U. Schollwöck, H. Wagner
Mermin-Wagner Theorem
Scholarpedia 5(10):9927

LMU-ASC 110/10
U. Schollwöck
The density-matrix renormalization group - a short introduction

LMU-ASC 109/10
O. Andreev
Some Comments on Relativistic Hydrodynamics and Fuzzy Bags

LMU-ASC 108/10
M. Heyl, S. Kehrein
The Crooks relation and its connection to the detailed balance principle of equilibrium correlation functions

LMU-ASC 107/10
M. Beylich, G. Buchalla, Th. Feldmann
Theory of B -> K(*)l+l- decays at high q2: OPE and quark-hadron duality

LMU-ASC 106/10
P. Vaudrevange, R. Kappl, B. Petersen, S. Raby, M. Ratz, R. Schieren
String-derived MSSM vacua with residual R symmetries

LMU-ASC 105/10
V. Schaller, C. Weber, E. Frey, A. Bausch
Polar Pattern Formation: Hydrodynamic coupling of driven filaments
Soft Matter:1063d

LMU-ASC 104/10
A. Bjoern, G. Curio
Spectral Bundles and the DRY Conjecture

LMU-ASC 103/10
S. Groot Nibbelink
Heterotic orbifold resolutions as (2,0) gauged linear sigma models

LMU-ASC 102/10
M. Alim, B. Haghighat, M. Hecht, A. Klemm, M. Rauch, T. Wotschke
Wall-crossing holomorphic anomaly and mock modularity of multiple M5-branes

LMU-ASC 101/10
C. Germani, A. Kehagias
UV-Protected Inflation

LMU-ASC 100/10
A. Collinucci, R. Savelli
On Flux Quantization in F-Theory

LMU-ASC 099/10
C. Weig, T. Enßlin
Inference with minimal Gibbs free energy in information field theory

LMU-ASC 098/10
C. Weig, T. Enßlin
Bayesian analysis of spatially distorted cosmic signals from Poissonian data

LMU-ASC 097/10
T. Schötz, R. A. Neher, U. Gerland
Target search on a dynamic DNA molecule

LMU-ASC 096/10
R. Beck, J. Deek, M. Chul Choi, T. Ikawa, O. Watanabe, E. Frey, P. Pincus, C. R. Safinya
Unconventional Salt Trend from Soft to Stiff in Single Neurofilament Biopolymers
Langmuir, 2010, 26 (24), pp 18595–18599

LMU-ASC 095/10
B. A. Hermann, C. Rohr, M. Balbás Gambra, A. Malecki, M. S. Malarek, E. Frey, T. Franosch
Molecular self-organization: predicting the pattern diversity and lowest energy state of competing ordering motifs
Phys. Rev. B 82, 165451 (2010)

LMU-ASC 094/10
A. Melbinger, J. Cremer, E. Frey
Evolutionary game theory in growing populations

LMU-ASC 093/10
K. Fritz, G. Fritz, B. Windschiegl, C. Steinem, B. Nickel
Arrangement of Annexin A2 tetramer and its impact on the structure and diffusivity of supported lipid bilayers

LMU-ASC 092/10
L. Bleris, J. Lohmueller, Z. Xie, K. Benenson
Rationally designed logic integration of regulatory signals in mammalian cells
Nature Nanotechnology 5, 666 - 670 (2010)

LMU-ASC 091/10
V. Schaller, C. Weber, C. Semmrich, E. Frey, S. Renner, A. R. Bausch
Polar patterns of driven filaments
Nature 467, 73 - 77 (2010)

LMU-ASC 090/10
A. P. Alberola, K. Alim, A.-K. Marel, E. Frey, J. O. Rädler
Oligocellular arrays: A novel approach to explore cell tissue mechanics

LMU-ASC 089/10
M. Balbás Gambra, E. Frey
Social dynamics with peer support on heterogeneous networks: the "mafia model"

LMU-ASC 088/10
B. Andrae, J. Cremer, T. Reichenbach, E. Frey
Entropy production of cyclic population dynamics

LMU-ASC 087/10
T. Reichenbach, E. Frey
Three-fold way to extinction in cyclically competing species

LMU-ASC 086/10
C. Rohr, M. Balbás Gambra, K. Gruber, E. C. Constable, E. Frey, T. Franosch, B. A. Hermann
Molecular jigsaw: pattern diversity encoded by elementary geometrical features
Nano Lett., 2010, 10 (3), pp 833 - 837

LMU-ASC 085/10
S. Smerat, H. Schoeller, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schollwöck
Coulomb interaction effects and electron spin relaxation in the 1d Kondo lattice model

LMU-ASC 084/10
P. Wang, S. Kehrein
Flow Equation Calculation of Transient and Steady State Currents in the Anderson Impurity Model

LMU-ASC 083/10
C. Tomaras, S. Kehrein
Scaling approach for the time-dependent Kondo model

LMU-ASC 082/10
F. Kahlhoefer, M. Lindner
Interplay between scintillation and ionization in liquid xenon Dark Matter searchesi

LMU-ASC 081/10
C. R. Mafra, O. Schlotterer, S. Stieberger, D. Tsimpis
Six Open String Disk Amplitude in Pure Spinor Superspace

LMU-ASC 080/10
D. Luest, P. Patalong, D. Tsimpis
Generalized geometry, calibrations and supersymmetry in diverse dimensions

LMU-ASC 079/10
N. Moeller, I. Sachs
Closed String Cohomology in Open String Field Theory

LMU-ASC 078/10
R. Steinigeweg, S. Langer, F. Heidrich-Meisner, I. P. McCulloch, W. Brenig
Coherent spin-current oscillations in transverse magnetic fields

LMU-ASC 077/10
V. Pettorino, N. Wintergerst, L. Amendola, C. Wetterich
Neutrino Lumps and the Cosmic Microwave Background

LMU-ASC 076/10
N. Wintergerst, V. Pettorino
Clarifying Spherical Collapse in Coupled Dark Energy Cosmologies

LMU-ASC 075/10
D. Luest
T-Duality and Closed String Non-Commutative (Doubled) Geometry

LMU-ASC 073/10
A. Bjoern, G. Curio
On Posssible Chern Classes of Stable Bundles on Elliptic Calabi-Yau Threefolds

LMU-ASC 072/10
Y. Watanabe
Rate of Gravitational Inflaton Decay via Gauge Trace Anomaly

LMU-ASC 071/10
E. Babichev
Galileon accretion

LMU-ASC 070/10
S. Renner, A. Bessonov, U. Gerland, F. C. Simmel
Sequence-Dependent Unfolding Kinetics of DNA Hairpins Studied by Nanopore Force Spectroscopy
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22 454119

LMU-ASC 069/10
S. Nampuri, M. Soroush
New Perspectives on Attractor Flows and Trees from CFT

LMU-ASC 068/10
F. Thüroff, B. Obermayer, E. Frey
Longitudinal Response of Confined Semiflexible Polymers

LMU-ASC 067/10
Arne Alex, Matthias Kalus, Alan Huckleberry, Jan von Delft
A numerical algorithm for the explicit calculation of SU(N) and SL(N,C) Clebsch-Gordan coefficients

LMU-ASC 066/10
V.E. Kravtsov, A. Ossipov, O.M. Yevtushenko, E. Cuevas
Dynamical scaling for critical states: is Chalker's ansatz valid for strong fractality?

LMU-ASC 065/10
Markus Heyl, Stefan Kehrein
The x-ray edge singularity in Quantum Dots

LMU-ASC 064/10
H. Min Lee, S. Raby, M. Ratz, G. G. Ross, R. Schieren, K. Schmidt-Hoberg, P. K. S. Vaudrevange
A unique Z_4R for the MSSM

LMU-ASC 063/10
O. Andreev
Nonlocal and Mixed Condensates Tests of Gauge/String Duality

LMU-ASC 062/10
F. Heidrich-Meisner, I. Gonzales, K. A. Al-Hassanieh, A. E. Feiguin, M. J. Rozenberg, E. Dagotto
Non-equilibrium electronic transport in a one-dimensional Mott insulator

LMU-ASC 061/10
F. Berkhahn, D. D. Dietrich, S. Hofmann
Self-Protection of Massive Cosmological Gravitons

LMU-ASC 060/10
W. Z. Feng, D. Lust, O. Schlotterer, S. Stieberger, T. R. Taylor
Direct Production of Lightest Regge Resonances

LMU-ASC 059/10
P. Bürgisser, M. Christandl, C. Ikenmeyer
Even Partitions in Plethysms

LMU-ASC 058/10
O. Buerschaper, M. Christandl, L. Kong, M. Aguado
Electric-Magnetic Duality and Topological Order on the Lattice

LMU-ASC 057/10
M. Berta, M. Christandl, R. Colbeck, J. M. Renes, R. Renner
The Uncertainty Principle in the Presence of Quantum Memory

LMU-ASC 056/10
E. Babichev, C. Deffayet, R. Ziour
The Recovery of General Relativity in Massive Gravity via the Vainshtein Mechanism

LMU-ASC 055/10
S. Förste, H. P. Nilles, S. Ramos-Sanchez, P. K. S. Vaudrevange
Proton Hexality in Local Grand Unification

LMU-ASC 054/10
Z. Kakushadze
Massive Gravity in de Sitter Space via Gravitational Higgs Mechanism

LMU-ASC 053/10
R. Blumenhagen, A. Deser, D. Lüst
FCNC Processes from D-brane Instantons

LMU-ASC 052/10
S. F. Hassan, S. Hofmann, M. v. Strauss
Brane Induced Gravity and the Cosmological Constant Problem

LMU-ASC 051/10
A. Winkler, T. Reichenbach, E. Frey
Coexistence in a one-dimensional cyclic dominance process

LMU-ASC 050/10
W. Möbius, U. Gerland
Quantitative test of the barrier nucleosome model for statistical positioning of nucleosomes up- and downstream of transcription start sites

LMU-ASC 049/10
M. Blaszczyk, S. Groot Nibbelink, F. Ruehle, M. Trapletti, P. K. S. Vaudrevange
Heterotic MSSM on a Resolved Orbifold

LMU-ASC 048/10
N. Carqueville, I. Runkel
Rigidity and defect actions in Landau-Ginzburg models

LMU-ASC 047/10
D. Birmingham, S. Mokthari, I. Sachs
Classical Stability of the BTZ Black Hole in Topologically Massive Gravity

LMU-ASC 046/10
M. Baumgartl, I. Brunner, M. Soroush
D-brane Superpotentials: Geometric and Worldsheet Approaches

LMU-ASC 045/10
U. Schollwöck
Simulating strongly correlated quantum systems: adaptive time-dependent density-matrix renormalization group

LMU-ASC 044/10
S. Langer, F. Heidrich-Meisner, J. Gemmer, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schollwöck
A real-time study of diffusive and ballistic transport in spin-1/2 chains using the adaptive time-dependent density matrix renormalization group method

LMU-ASC 043/10
V. Koerting, P. Fritsch, S. Kehrein
Non-equilibrium Scaling Properties of a Double Quantum Dot System: Comparison between Perturbative Renormalization Group and Flow Equation Approach

LMU-ASC 042/10
M. Heyl, S. Kehrein
The Crooks relation in optical spectra - universality in work distributions for weak local quenches

LMU-ASC 041/10
S. Langer, R. Darradi, F. Heidrich-Meisner, W. Brenig
Field-dependent spin and heat conductivities of dimerized spin-1/2 chains

LMU-ASC 040/10
F. Heidrich-Meisner, A. E. Feiguin, U. Schollwöck, W. Zwerger
BCS-BEC crossover and the disappearance of Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov correlations in a spin-imbalanced one-dimensional Fermi gas

LMU-ASC 039/10
J. Eckel, F. Heidrich-Meisner, S. G. Jakobs, M. Thorwart, M. Pletyukov, R. Egger
Comparative study of theoretical methods for nonequilibrium quantum transport

LMU-ASC 038/10
H. Ma, U. Schollwöck
Effect of electron-electron interactions on the charge carrier transitions in trans-polyacetylene

LMU-ASC 037/10
F. Heidrich-Meisner, G. Orso, A. Feiguin
Phase separation of trapped spin-imbalanced Fermi gases in one-dimensional optical lattices

LMU-ASC 036/10
U. Schollwöck
Current Trends in density matrix renormalization group methods

LMU-ASC 035/10
A. Eliasen, J. Paaske, K. Flensberg, S. Smerat, M. Leijnse, M. R. Wegewijs, H. I. Jorgensen, M. Monthioux, J. Nygard
Transport via coupled states in a C60 peapod quantum dot

LMU-ASC 034/10
G. Curio
On the Heterotic World-sheet Instanton Superpotential

LMU-ASC 033/10
G. Dvali, S. Folkerts, C. Germani
Physics of Trans-Planckian Gravity

LMU-ASC 032/10
K. Alim, E. Frey
Auxin-induced polar distribution of PIN proteins
arXiv: 1005.3768

LMU-ASC 031/10
O. Andreev
Renormalized Field Strength Correlators in SU(N) Gauge Theory and Gauge/String Duality

LMU-ASC 030/10
M. Larfors, D. Lüst, D. Tsimpis
Flux compactification on smooth, compact three-dimensional toric varieties

LMU-ASC 029/10
K. Ostermeir, K. Alim, E. Frey
Confinement induces conformational transition of semiflexible polymer rings to figure eight form

LMU-ASC 027/10
T. Franosch, M. Spanner, T. Bauer, G. E. Schröder-Turk, F. Höfling
Space-resolved dynamics of a tracer in a disordered solid

LMU-ASC 026/10
G. Dvali

LMU-ASC 025/10
P. Wang, M. Heyl, S. Kehrein
Exact results for nonlinear ac-transport through a resonant level model

LMU-ASC 024/10
J. Rech, S. Kehrein
Measurement back-action on adiabatic coherent electron transport

LMU-ASC 023/10
K. Skenderis, M. Taylor, D. Tsimpis
A consistent truncation of IIB supergravity on manifolds admitting a Sasaki-Einstein structure

LMU-ASC 022/10
P. Vaudrevange
An involuted orbifold MSSM

LMU-ASC 021/10
J. Held, D. Lüst, F. Marchesano, L. Martucci
DWSB in Heterotic Flux Compactifications

LMU-ASC 020/10
G. Dvali, C. Gomez
Species and Strings

LMU-ASC 019/10
C. Germani, A. Kehagias
Cosmological Perturbations in the New Higgs Inflation

LMU-ASC 018/10
K. Ostermeir, K. Alim, E. Frey
Buckling of stiff polymer rings in weak spherical confinement

LMU-ASC 017/10
B. Obermayer, E. Frey
Error thresholds for self- and cross-specific enzymatic replication
arXiv: 1003.1304

LMU-ASC 016/10
T. Bauer, F. Höfling, T. Munk, E. Frey, T. Franosch
The Localization Transition of the Two-Dimensional Lorentz Model

LMU-ASC 015/10
D. Taubert, G. J. Schinner, H. P. Tranitz, W. Wegscheider, C. Tomaras, S. Kehrein, S. Ludwig
An electron-avalanche amplifier based on the electronic Venturi effect

LMU-ASC 014/10
Alexandre Faribault, Pasquale Calabrese, Jean-Sebastien Caux
Dynamical correlation functions of the mesoscopic pairing model

LMU-ASC 013/10
M. Heyl, S. Kehrein, F. Marquardt, C. Neuenhahn
Electron-plasmon scattering in chiral 1D systems with nonlinear dispersion

LMU-ASC 012/10
M. Treiber, O. M. Yevtushenko, F. Marquardt, J. von Delft, I. V. Lerner
Dimensional Crossover of the Dephasing Time in Disordered Mesoscopic Rings: From Diffusive through Ergodic to 0D Behavior
Prepared for "Perspectives of Mesoscopic Physics - Dedicated to Prof. Yoseph Imry's 70th Birthday" arXiv:1001.0479

LMU-ASC 011/10
M. Heyl, S. Kehrein
Interaction quench dynamics in the Kondo model in presence of a local magnetic field

LMU-ASC 010/10
C. Germani, A. Kehagias
New Model of Inflation with Non-minimal Derivative Coupling of Standard Model Higgs Boson to Gravity

LMU-ASC 009/10
I. Antoniadis, S. Hohenegger, K. S. Narain, T. R. Taylor
Deformed Topological Partition Function and Nekrasov Backgrounds

LMU-ASC 008/10
R. Helling, W. Spitzer
Free Fermions Violate the Area Law For Entanglement Entropy

LMU-ASC 007/10
I. Brunner, D. Roggenkamp
Attractor Flows from Defect Lines

LMU-ASC 006/10
Anna Melbinger, Tobias Reichenbach, Thomas Franosch, Erwin Frey
Driven Transport on Parallel Lanes with Particle Exclusion and Obstruction

LMU-ASC 005/10
R. Blumenhagen, A. Collinucci, B. Jurke
On Instanton Effects in F-theory

LMU-ASC 004/10
F. Thüroff, F. Wagner, E. Frey
Boundary effects on the end-to-end distance statistics of confined semiflexible polymers

LMU-ASC 003/10
A. Dobrinevski, E. Frey
Extinction in neutrally stable stochastic Lotka-Volterra models
arXiv: 1001.5235

LMU-ASC 002/10
T. Franosch, F. Höfling, T. Bauer, E. Frey
Persistent memory for a Brownian walker in a random array of obstacles

LMU-ASC 001/10
O. Andreev
Cold Quark Matter, Quadratic Corrections and Gauge/String Duality
arXiv: 1001.4414