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LMU-ASC 91/08
M. Christandl, S. Wehner, A. C. Doherty
A Lower Bound on the Dimension of a Quantum System Given Measured Data

LMU-ASC 90/08
M. Christandl
A Quantum Information-Theoretic Proof of the Relation Between Horn's Problem and the Littlewood-Richardson coefficients

LMU-ASC 89/08
H. Buhrmann, M. Christandl, P. Hayden, H.- K. Lo, S. Wehner
Possibility, Impossibility and Cheat-Sensitivity of Quantum Bit String Commitment

LMU-ASC 88/08
H. Saberi, A. Weichselbaum, L. Lamata, D. Pérez-García, J. v. Delft, E. Solano
Constrained Optimization of Sequentially Generated Entangled Multiqubit States
Selected for the September 7, 2009 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology Selected for the September 2009 issue of Virtual Journal of Quantum Information arXiv:0810.0977

LMU-ASC 87/08
C. Guo, A. Weichselbaum, S. Kehrein, T. Xiang, J. v. Delft
Density matrix renormalization group study of a quantum impurity model with Landau-Zener time-dependent Hamiltonian

LMU-ASC 86/08
T. A. Costi, L. Bergqvist, A. Weichselbaum, J. von Delft, T. Micklitz, A. Rosch, P. Mavropoulos, H. Dederichs, F. Mallet, L. Saminadayar, C. Bäuerle
Kondo decoherence: finding the right spin model for iron impurities in gold and silver
Selected for February 16, 2009 issue of the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology. arXiv:0810.1771

LMU-ASC 85/08
C. Neuenhahn, F. Marquardt
Universal Dephasing in a Chiral 1D Interacting Fermion System

LMU-ASC 84/08
A. Faribault, P. Calabrese, J.-S. Caux
Quantum quenches from integrability: the fermionic pairing model

LMU-ASC 83/08
F. Marquardt, A.A. Clerk, S.M. Girvin
Quantum theory of optomechanical cooling

LMU-ASC 82/08
C. Neuenhahn, F. Marquardt
Dephasing by electron–electron interactions in a ballistic Mach–Zehnder interferometer
New J. Phys. 10 (2008) PDF

LMU-ASC 81/08
P. Fritsch, S. Kehrein
Non-Equilibrium Scaling Analysis of the Kondo Model with Voltage Bias
arXiv: 0811.0759

LMU-ASC 80/08
A. A. Clerk, M. H. Devoret, S. M. Girvin, F. Marquardt, R. J. Schoelkopf
Introduction to Quantum Noise, Measurement and Amplification

LMU-ASC 79/08
V. Kashcheyevs, C. Karrasch, T. Hecht, A. Weichselbaum, V. Meden, A. Schiller
A quantum criticality perspective on the charging of narrow quantum-dot levels

LMU-ASC 78/08
A. M. Jayich, J. C. Sankey, B. M. Zwickl, C. Yang, J. D. Thompson, S. M. Girvin, A. A. Clerk, F. Marquardt, J. G. E. Harris
Dispersive optomechanics: a membrane inside a cavity
New Journal of Physics 10, 095008 (2008) PDF

LMU-ASC 77/08
S. Arslan, E. Cicek, D. Eksi, S. Aktas, A. Weichselbaum, A. Siddiki
Modeling of quantum point contacts in high magnetic fields and with current bias outside the linear response regime

LMU-ASC 76/08
A.A. Clerk, F. Marquardt, K. Jacobs
Back-action evasion and squeezing of a mechanical resonator using a cavity detector

LMU-ASC 75/08
M. Ludwig, B. Kubala, F. Marquardt
The optomechanical instability in the quantum regime

LMU-ASC 74/08
F. Marquardt, A. Püttmann
Introduction to dissipation and decoherence in quantum systems

LMU-ASC 73/08
C. Neuenhahn, B. Kubala, B. Abel, F. Marquardt
Recent progress in open quantum systems: Non-Gaussian noise and decoherence in fermionic systems

LMU-ASC 72/08
A. Hackl, S. Kehrein
Unitary perturbation theory approach to real-time evolution problems

LMU-ASC 71/08
Georg Heinrich, Frank Wilhelm
Current Fluctuations in Rough Superconducting Tunnel Junctions

LMU-ASC 70/08
A. Siddiki
Current direction induced rectification effect on (integer) quantized Hall plateaus

LMU-ASC 69/08
A. Siddiki
Distribution of an Ohmic current in the close vicinity of a quantum point contact

LMU-ASC 68/08
S. Denisov, Y. Zolotaryuk, S. Flach, O. Yevtushenko
Vortex and translational currents due to broken time-space symmetries

LMU-ASC 67/08
F. Marquardt
Optomechanics: Push towards the quantum limit
Nature Physics 4, 513 - 514 (2008) PDF

LMU-ASC 66/08
M. Leisner, K. Stingl, E. Frey, B. Maier
Stochastic switching to competence
Current Opinion in Microbiology 11 (2009) 553-559

LMU-ASC 65/08
G. Policastro, D. Tsimpis
A note on the quartic effective action of type IIB superstring

LMU-ASC 64/08
Claudio Caviezel, Paul Koerber, Simon Koers, Dieter Luest, Timm Wrase, Marco Zagermann
On the Cosmology of Type IIA Compactifications on SU(3)-structure Manifolds

LMU-ASC 63/08
M. Baumgartl, S. Wood
Moduli Webs and Superpotentials for Five-Branes

LMU-ASC 62/08
B. Obermayer, W. Mobius, O. Hallatschek, E. Frey, K. Kroy
A freely relaxing polymer remembers how it was straightened

LMU-ASC 61/08
I. Brunner, M. Herbst
Orientifolds and D-branes in N=2 gauged linear sigma models

LMU-ASC 60/08
Rolf Kappl , Hans Peter Nilles , Saul Ramos-Sanchez, Michael Ratz, Kai Schmidt-Hoberg , Patrick K. S. Vaudrevange
Large hierarchies from approximate R symmetries

LMU-ASC 59/08
N. Borodatchenkova, M. Haack, W. Mueck
Towards holographic renormalization of fake supergravity

LMU-ASC 58/08
J. Trost
Hund's paradox and the collisional stabilization of chiral molecules

LMU-ASC 57/08
S. Nimmrichter, H. Ulbricht, M. Arndt
Absolute absorption spectroscopy based on molecule interferometry

LMU-ASC 56/08
C. Gneiting
Bell test for the free motion of material particles

LMU-ASC 55/08
M. Arndt, S. Gerlich, M. Gring, M. Mayor, J. Tüxen, H. Ulbricht
Matter-wave metrology as a complementary tool for mass spectroscopy
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 47 (2008), 6195-6198

LMU-ASC 54/08
A. Kammerer, F. Höfling, T. Franosch
Cluster-resolved dynamic scaling theory and universal corrections for transport on percolating systems

LMU-ASC 53/08
M. Haack, A. Yarom
Universality of second order transport coefficients from the gauge-string duality

LMU-ASC 52/08
H. Bross
Electronic structure of ErGa3 in LDA, GGA, and with strong interaction in LDA + U

LMU-ASC 51/08
G. Curio
World-sheet Instanton Superpotentials in Heterotic String theory and their Moduli Dependence

LMU-ASC 50/08
G. L. Cardoso, J. R. David, B. de Wit, S. Mahapatra
The mixed black hole partition function for the STU model

LMU-ASC 49/08
M. Alim, J. D. Länge, P. Mayr
Global Properties of Topological String Amplitudes and Orbifold Invariants

LMU-ASC 48/08
J. Erdmenger, M. Haack, M. Kaminski, A. Yarom
Fluid dynamics of R-charged black holes

LMU-ASC 47/08
G. Buchalla
B Physics Theory for Hadron Colliders

LMU-ASC 46/08
Wolfram Möbius, Erwin Frey, Ulrich Gerland
Spontaneous Unknotting of a Polymer Confined in a Nanochannel

LMU-ASC 45/08
G. L. Cardoso, B. de Wit, S. Mahapatra
Subleading and non-holomorphic corrections to N=2 BPS black hole entropy

LMU-ASC 44/08
Tobias Munk, Felix Hoefling, Erwin Frey, Thomas Franosch
Effective Perrin theory for the anisotropic diffusion of a strongly hindered rod

LMU-ASC 43/08
M. Bartsch, G. Buchalla, C. Kraus
B -> V_L V_L Decays at Next-to-Leading Order in QCD

LMU-ASC 42/08
L. Anchordoqui, H. Goldberg, D. Luest, S. Nawata, S. Stieberger, T. R. Taylor
Dijet signals for low mass strings at the LHC

LMU-ASC 41/08
D. Luest, F. Marchesano, F. Marchesano, L. Martucci, D. Tsimpis
Generalized non-supersymmetric flux vacua

LMU-ASC 40/08
Ivo Sachs
Quasi-Normal Modes for Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory

LMU-ASC 39/08
M. Haak, A. Yarom
Nonlinear viscous hydrodynamics in various dimensions using Ads/CFT

LMU-ASC 38/08
D. Luest, S. Stieberger, T.R. Taylor
The LHC String Hunter's Companion

LMU-ASC 37/08
C. Caviezel, P. Koerber, S. Koers, D. Luest, D. Tsimpis, M. Zagermann
The effective theory of type IIA AdS4 compactifications on nilmanifolds and cosets

LMU-ASC 36/08
L.A. Anchordoqui, H. Goldberg, T.R. Taylor
Decay widths of lowest massive Regge excitations of open strings

LMU-ASC 35/08
Ivo Sachs, Sergey N. Solodukhin
Quasi-Normal Modes in Topologically Massive Gravity

LMU-ASC 34/08
Felix Höfling, Erwin Frey, Thomas Franosch
Enhanced Diffusion of a Needle in a Planar Course of Point Obstacles
arXiv:0806.1138v1 [cond-mat.stat-mech]

LMU-ASC 33/08
Felix Höfling, Tobias Munk, Erwin Frey, Thomas Franosch
Entangled Dynamics of a Stiff Polymer
arXiv:0805.4546 [cond-mat.soft]

LMU-ASC 32/08
Benjamin Abel, Florian Marquardt
Decoherence by Quantum Telegraph Noise

LMU-ASC 31/08
Theresa Hecht, Andreas Weichselbaum, Yuval Oreg, Jan von Delft
Interplay of mesoscopic and Kondo effects for transmission amplitude of few-level quantum dots

LMU-ASC 30/08
C. Bachas, M. Bianchi, R. Blumenhagen, D. Lüst, T. Weigand
Comments on Orientifolds without Vector Structure

LMU-ASC 29/08
Masato Minamitsuji
Cosmological Kaluza-Klein branes in black brane spacetimes

LMU-ASC 28/08
Steven Gubser, Silviu Pufu, Amos Yarom.
Entropy production in collisions of gravitational shock waves and of heavy ions

LMU-ASC 27/08
M. Ammon, J. Erdmenger, S. Hoehne, D. Lüst, R. Meyer
Fayet-Iliopoulos Terms in AdS/CFT with Flavour

LMU-ASC 26/08
Theresa Hecht, Andreas Weichselbaum, Jan von Delft, Ralf Bulla
Numerical renormalization group calculation of near-gap peaks in spectral functions of the Anderson model with superconducting leads

LMU-ASC 25/08
Hamed Saberi, Andreas Weichselbaum, Jan von Delft
Matrix product state comparison of the numerical renormalization group and the variational formulation of the density matrix renormalization group

LMU-ASC 24/08
D. Krefl, J. Walcher
Real Mirror Symmetry for One-Parameter Hypersurfaces

LMU-ASC 23/08
S. Nimmrichter
Theory of near-field matter wave interference beyond the eikonal approximation

LMU-ASC 22/08
H. Fritzsch
Flavor Symmetry and Neutrino Mixing

LMU-ASC 21/08
A. Holzner, A. Weichselbaum, Jan von Delft
Matrix product state approach for a two-lead, multi-level Anderson impurity model

LMU-ASC 20/08
D. Krefl
Brane Tilings for Orientifolds

LMU-ASC 19/08
P. Koerber, D. Lüst, D. Tsimpis
Type IIA AdS4 compactifications on cosets, interpolations and domain walls

LMU-ASC 18/08
M. Haack, R. Kallosh, A. Krause, A. Linde, D. Lüst, M. Zagermann
Update of D3/D7-Brane Inflation on K3 x T2/Z2

LMU-ASC 17/08
Nicolas Moeller
A tachyon lump in closed string field theory

LMU-ASC 16/08
Michael Moeckel, Stefan Kehrein
Interaction Quench in the Hubbard Model

LMU-ASC 15/08
Paul Koerber, Luca Martucci
Warped generalized geometry compactifications, effective theories and non-perturbative effects

LMU-ASC 14/08
D. Krefl
A gauge theory analog of some stringy D-instantons

LMU-ASC 13/08
Philipp Höffer v. Loewenfeld, Ivo Sachs
Resolution of Curvature Singularities in Higher Derivative Gravity
arXiv:0803.2170 [hep-th]

LMU-ASC 12/08
Tobias Reichenbach, Erwin Frey
Instability of spatial patterns and its ambiguos impact on species diversity

LMU-ASC 11/08
G. L. Cardoso, V. Grass
On five-dimensional non-extremal charged black holes and FRW cosmology

LMU-ASC 10/08
Steven Gubser, Amos Yarom
Linearized hydrodynamics from probe-sources in the gauge-string duality

LMU-ASC 09/08
E. Pajer
Inflation at the Tip
arXiv:0802.2916 [hep-th]

LMU-ASC 08/08
A. Golovnev, V. Mukhanov, V. Vanchurin
Vector inflation

LMU-ASC 07/08
H. Fritzsch
The Fundamental Constants in Physics

LMU-ASC 06/08
Tobias Reichenbach, Thomas Franosch, Erwin Frey
Domain wall delocalization, dynamics and fluctuations in an exclusion process with two internal states

LMU-ASC 05/08
M. Minamitsuji
Instability of brane cosmological solutions with flux compactifications

LMU-ASC 04/08
Tobias Reichenbach, Mauro Mobilia, Erwin Frey
Self-organization of mobile populations in cyclic competition

LMU-ASC 03/08
H. Fritzsch
The Fundamental Constants in Physics and their Time Dependence

LMU-ASC 02/08
H. Fritzsch
Flavor Symmetries, Neutrino Masses and Neutrino Mixing

LMU-ASC 01/08
G. Dvali, D. Lüst
Power of Black Hole Physics: Seeing through the Vacuum Landscape