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LMU-ASC 87/05
F. Verstraete, A. Weichselbaum, U. Schollwöck, J. I. Cirac, Jan von Delft
Variational matrix product state approach to quantum impurity models

LMU-ASC 86/05
Florian Marquardt
Fermionic Mach-Zehnder interferometer subject to a quantum bath
Europhys. Lett. 72, 788 (2005)

LMU-ASC 85/05
Florian Marquardt, D.S. Golubev
A many-fermion generalization of the Caldeira-Leggett model
Phys. Rev. A 72, 022113 (2005)

LMU-ASC 84/05
EC. Heussinger, E. Frey
The Role of Architecture in the Elastic Response of SemiflexiblePolymer and Fiber Networks

LMU-ASC 83/05
H. Hinsch, R. Kouyos, E. Frey
From IntracellularTraffic to a Novel Class of Driven Lattice Gas Models

LMU-ASC 82/05
S. Reffert, E. Scheidegger
Moduli Stabilization in Toroidal Type IIB Orientifolds

LMU-ASC 81/05
K. Behrndt
Black holes und Rings of minimal 5-dimensional Supergravity

LMU-ASC 80/05
F. Gmeiner
Standard Model statistics of a Type II orientifold

LMU-ASC 79/05
T. Weigand
Heterotic Vacua from general (non-) Abelian Bundles

LMU-ASC 78/05
A. V. Mukhanov, A.Vikman
Enhancing the tensor-to-scalar ratio in simple inflation

LMU-ASC 77/05
F. Izaurieta, E. Rodriguez, P. Salgado
On Transgression Forms and Chern--Simons (Super)gravity

LMU-ASC 76/05
G. Policastro
Twistor Spaces, Mirror Symmetry and Self-dual Kahler Manifolds

LMU-ASC 75/05
G. Hiller, A. S. Safir
Phenomenological study of the double radiative decay B ---> KGamma Gamma

LMU-ASC 74/05
A. S. Safir
The Unitary Triangle through B ---> RHO+- PI-+ Decays

LMU-ASC 73/05
K. Behrndt, M. Cvetic, T. Liu
Classification of Supersymmetric Flux Vacua in M Theory

LMU-ASC 72/05
A. Ozer
SO(10) Grand Unification and Fermion Masses
PhD thesis

LMU-ASC 71/05
J. Liu, M.L. Gardel, K. Kroy, E. Frey, B.D. Hoffman, J.C. Crocker, A.R. Bausch, D.A. Weitz
Microrheology Probes Length Scale Dependent Rheology

LMU-ASC 70/05
J. Grosse
MathPSfrag: Creating Publication-Quality Labels in Mathematica Plots

LMU-ASC 69/05
F. Meyer
Noncommutative Spaces and Gravity

LMU-ASC 68/05
F. Gmeiner, R. Blumenhagen, G. Honecker, D. Lüst, T. Weigand
One in a Billion: MSSM-like D-Brane Statistics

LMU-ASC 67/05
F. Höfling, T. Franosch, E. Frey
Localization Transition of the 3D Lorentz Model and Continuum Percolation

LMU-ASC 66/05
P. Aschieri, M. Dimitrijevic, F. Meyer, J. Wess
Noncommutative Geometry and Gravity

LMU-ASC 65/05
T. Buchert
On globally static and stationary cosmologies with or without a cosmological constant and the Dark Energy problem

LMU-ASC 64/05
R. A. Neher, U. Gerland
An intermediate phase in DNA melting

LMU-ASC 63/05
G. Bell, Th. Feldmann
Heavy-to-light form factors for non-relativistic bound states

LMU-ASC 62/05
P. K. Tripathy, S. P. Trivedi
Non-Supersymmetric Attractors in String Theory

LMU-ASC 61/05
D. Lüst, S. Reffert, W. Schulgin, P. K. Tripathy
Fermion Zero Modes in the Presence of Fluxes and a Non-perturbative Superpotential

LMU-ASC 60/05
T. Buchert
An exact Lagrangian integral for the Newtonian gravitational field strength

LMU-ASC 59/05
Ralf Bundschuh, Ulrich Gerland
Coupled dynamics of RNA folding and nanopore translocation

LMU-ASC 58/05
Richard A. Neher, Ulrich Gerland
DNA as a programmable viscoelastic nanoelement

LMU-ASC 57/05
B. Jurco
Crossed module bundle gerbes - classification, String group and differential geometry

LMU-ASC 56/05
M. Mariantoni, M. J. Storcz, F. K. Wilhelm, W. D. Oliver, A. Emmert, A. Marx, R. Gross, H. Christ, E. Solano
Generation of Microwave Single Photons and Homodyne Tomography on a Chip

LMU-ASC 55/05
I. Antoniadis, K.S. Narain, T.R. Taylor
Open string topological amplitudes and gaugino masses

LMU-ASC 54/05
Andrej Vilfan, Erwin Frey
Oscillations in molecular motor assemblies

LMU-ASC 53/05
L.F. Wei, Y.-X. Liu, M.J. Storcz, F. Nori
Macroscopic Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen pairs in superconducting circuits

LMU-ASC 52/05
Frank K. Wilhelm
Reduced visibility of quantum oscillations in the spin-boson model

LMU-ASC 51/05
C. Beisbart, M.S. Barbosa, H. Wagner, L. da F. Costa
Extended morphometric analysis of neuronal cells with Minkowski valuations

LMU-ASC 50/05
T. Buchert
A cosmic equation of state for the inhomogeneous Universe: can a global far-from-equilibrium state explain Dark Energy?

LMU-ASC 49/05
M.J. Storcz, U. Hartmann, S. Kohler, F.K. Wilhelm
Intrinsic phonon decoherence and quantum gates in coupled lateral quantum dot charge qubits

LMU-ASC 48/05
G.F.R. Ellis, T. Buchert
The universe seen at different scales

LMU-ASC 47/05
K. Behrndt, G. L. Cardoso, S. Mahapatra
Exploring the relation between 4D and 5D BPS solutions

LMU-ASC 46/05
Jo Bovy, D. Lüst, Dimitrios Tsimpis
N=1,2 supersymmetric vacua of IIA supergravity and SU(2) structures

LMU-ASC 45/05
D. Lüst, S. Reffert, W. Schulgin, S. Stieberger
Moduli Stabilization in Type IIB Orientifolds (I): Orbifold Limits

LMU-ASC 44/05
M.N. Kiselev, Y. Gefen
Transverse Spin Fluctuations in Metallic Quantum Dots

LMU-ASC 43/05
M.N. Kiselev, K. Kikoin
Anisotropic Kondo Lattice without Nozieres Exhaustion Effect

LMU-ASC 42/05
Jaime E. Santos, Thomas Franosch, Andrea Parmeggiani, Erwin Frey
Renewal processes and fluctuation analysis of molecular motor stepping

LMU-ASC 41/05
A. Kack, F.K. Wilhelm
Efficient readout of flux qubits at degeneracy

LMU-ASC 40/05
U. Hartmann, F.K. Wilhelm
Strong coupling of a qubit to shot noise

LMU-ASC 39/05
M.J. Storcz, F. Hellmann, C. Hrelescu, F.K. Wilhelm
Decoherence of a two-qubit system with arbitrary bath coupling operator

LMU-ASC 38/05
A.K. Spörl, T. Schulte-Herbrüggen, S.J. Glaser, V. Bergholm, M.J. Storcz, J. Ferber, F.K. Wilhelm
Optimal Control of Coupled Josephson Qubits

LMU-ASC 37/05
M.N. Kiselev, D.N. Aristov
Functional Bosonization for Antiferromagnetic Spin Chains

LMU-ASC 36/05
A. Anisimov, E. Babichev

LMU-ASC 35/05
Jan von Delft
Influence Functional for Decoherence of Interacting Electrons in Disordered Conductors, International Journal of Modern Physics B, 22, 727-833 (2008)

LMU-ASC 34/05
M.J. Storcz, J. Vala, K.R. Brown, J. Kempe, F.K. Wilhelm, K.B. Whaley
Full protection of superconducting qubit systems from coupling errors

LMU-ASC 33/05
R. de Sousa, K.B. Whaley, F.K. Wilhelm, J. von Delft
Ohmic noise from a single defect center hybridized with a Fermi sea

LMU-ASC 32/05
P. Aschieri, C. Blohmann, M. Dimitrijevic, F. Meyer, P. Schupp, and. J. Wess
A gravity theory on noncommutative spaces

LMU-ASC 31/05
M.N. Kiselev, Y. Gefen
The Interplay of Spin and Charge Channels in Zero Dimensional Systems

LMU-ASC 30/05
K. Kikoin, M.N. Kiselev
Kondo Lattice without Nozieres Exhaustion Effect

LMU-ASC 29/05
M. Dimitrijevic, Larisa Jonke, Lutz Möller
U(1) gauge field theory on kappa-Minkowski space

LMU-ASC 28/05
P. Berglund, P. Mayr
Non-Perturbative Superpotentials in F-theory and String Duality

LMU-ASC 27/05
M.N. Kiselev, D.N. Aristov, K. Kikoin
Spin gap in chains with hidden symmetries
Phys. Rev. B 71, 092404 (2005)

LMU-ASC 26/05
F. Pampaloni, G. Lattanzi, A. Jonas, T. Surrey, E. Frey, E.-L. Florin
Elastic properties of grafted microtubules

LMU-ASC 25/05
M. Magro, I. Sachs
Low Energy Effective Action in N=2 Yang-Mills as an Integrated Anomaly

LMU-ASC 24/05
P. Pierobon, A. Parmeggiani, F. von Oppen, E. Frey
Dynamic correlation functions and Boltzmann Langevin approach for driven one dimensional lattice gas

LMU-ASC 23/05
A. Bilal, S. Metzger
Special geometry of local Calabi-Yau manifolds and superpotentials from holomorphic matrix models

LMU-ASC 22/05
G. Buchalla, G. Hiller, Y. Nir, Guy Raz
The Pattern of CP Asymmetries in b to s transitions

LMU-ASC 21/05
C. Angelantonj, M. Cardella, N. Irges
Scherk-Schwarz Breaking and Intersecting Branes

LMU-ASC 20/05
V. Aquila, P. Gambino, G. Ridolfi, N. Uraltsev
Perturbative corrections to semileptonic b decay distributions

LMU-ASC 19/05
Nicolas E. Buchler, Ulrich Gerland, Terence Hwa
Nonlinear Protein Degradation and the Function of Genetic Circuits

LMU-ASC 18/05
K. Behrndt
Stabilization of moduli by fluxes

LMU-ASC 17/05
Wolfgang Behr, Frank Meyer, Harold Steinacker
Gauge theory on Fuzzy S

LMU-ASC 16/05
T.L. Robertson, B.L.T. Plourde, T. Hime, S. Linzen, P.A. Reichardt, F.K. Wilhelm, John Clarke
Superconducting Quantum Interference Device with frequency-dependent damping: readout of flux qubits
Phys. Rev. B 72, 024513 (2005)

LMU-ASC 15/05
Oskar Hallatschek, Erwin Frey
Propagation and relaxation of tension in stiff polymers
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 077804 (2005) arXiv:cond-mat/0405367

LMU-ASC 14/05
Erwin Frey
Brownian motion: a paradigm of soft matter and biological physics
cond-mat/0502602 and Annalen der Physik (Leipzig) 14, 20 (2005)

LMU-ASC 13/05
A. Sarlah, T. Franosch, E. Frey
Melting of Colloidal Molecular Crystals on Triangular Lattices
Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 088302 (2005) arXiv:cond-mat/0502586

LMU-ASC 12/05
C. Heussinger, E. Frey
Stiff Polymers, Foams and Fibre Networks
Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 017802 (2006) arXiv:cond-mat/0503359

LMU-ASC 11/05
R.W. Helmes, M. Sindel, L. Borda, Jan von Delft
Absorption and emission in quantum dots: Fermi surface effects of Anderson excitons

LMU-ASC 10/05
T. Buchert, A. Dominguez
Adhesive Gravitational Clustering

LMU-ASC 09/05
Mirjam Cvetic, Peng Gao
General Type IIB Fluxes with SU(3) Structures

LMU-ASC 08/05
M. Parry, S. Pichler, D. Deeg
Higher-derivative gravity in brane world models

LMU-ASC 07/05
D. Oprisa, S. Stieberger
Six Gluon Open Superstring Disk Amplitude, Multiple Hypergeometric Series and Euler-Zagier Sums

LMU-ASC 06/05
P.K. Tripathy, S.P. Trivedi
D3-Brane Action and Fermion Zero Modes in Presence of Background Flux

LMU-ASC 05/05
G. Curio, A. Krause, D. Lüst
Moduli Stabilization in the Heterotic/IIB Discretuum

LMU-ASC 04/05
W. Reisner, K.J. Morton, R. Riehn, Y. M. Wang, Z. Yu, M. Rosen, J.C. Sturm, S.Y. Chou, E. Frey, R.H. Austin
Statics and Dynamics of Single DNA Molecules Confined in Nanochannels
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 196101 (2005)

LMU-ASC 03/05
P. Benetatos, T. Munk, E. Frey
Bimodality in the transverse fluctuations of a grafted semiflexible polymer and the diffusion-convection analogue: an effective-medium approach

LMU-ASC 02/05
E. Frey, K. Kroy
Brownsche Bewegung: Zickzackfahrt im Grenzbereich zwischen Physik und Biologie
Physik Journal 4 (3), 61-67 (2005)

LMU-ASC 01/05
D. Lüst, P. Mayr, S. Reffert, S. Stieberger
F-theory Flux, Destabilization of Orientifolds and Soft Terms on D7--Branes