Statistical and Biological Physics

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Dr. Lorenz Huber

Lorenz Huber, Dr.

PhD Student

Research interests

From a biological point of view, my interest lies on the mechanical and dynamical processes in the cytoskeleton of cells, and of its individual components. Here I want to address the question: how and why is a certain order created, and what is its function? Specifically, my focus is on:

  • Mechanics of biopolymers
  • Dynamics of the bacterial cell division
  • Self-organization in active systems

From a physicist’s perspective, my research projects connect various topics:

  • Statistical mechanics of polymer dynamics
  • Pattern formation and critical phenomena in active matter systems
  • Active hydrodynamics and turbulence

Curriculum Vitae

  • since 9/2013: PhD Student
  • 5/2013-8/2013: Business development internship
  • 3/2013: Master’s degree in physics at LMU Munich
  • 2006-2011: Professional sailor and German national team member in the  olympic discipline 49er
  • 3/2011: Bachelor's degree in physics at LMU Munich
  • 6/2006: Abitur at Ludwig-Thoma-Gymnasium, Prien am Chiemsee
  • 2006: Schott award for Bavaria's best skilled work in school physics

Conferences and contributions