Statistical and Biological Physics

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Christoph A. Weber

Dr. Christoph A. Weber

Former PhD Student


Homepage of new group:   MPIKS, division biological physics

Curriculum Vitae


  • July. 24, 1983, born in Munich
  • 2003 Abitur at Gymnasium Kirchheim
  • 2003 study of physics at Ludwigs-Maximillians Universität München
  • 2005 Prediplom in physics at LMU München
  • 2008 Diploma in physics in the group of professor Erwin Frey at LMU
  • 2013 PhD in physics, group of Erwin Frey
  • since August 2013: Postdoc in the group of Prof. Jülicher, MPIPKS Dresden

Research Interests:

  • Origin of Noise and Alignment in various experimental driven particle systems
  • Agent-based modeling and kinetic theory for driven particles
  • Active Fluids and pattern formation
  • Modelling of transport processes in microfluidic devices
  • Theory of Free Flow Isoelectric focusing in a rectangular geometry

Conferences and research stays:

  • 464th WE Heraeus-Seminar Bad Honnef: Self-Organization in Cell Assemblies and Tissues, Bad Honnef, Aug 29-Sept 3
  • Colmot, MPIPKS Dresden, Nov 2011
  • KITP conference Biopoly, Santa Barbara, California, May 2011
  • KITP program "Biological Frontiers of Polymer and Soft Matter Physics", Santa Barbara, California, May-June 2011
  • Dynact11, MPIPKS Dresden, Aug-Sept 2011
  • Particules actives, ENS de Lyon, 9th/10th Mai 2012
  • Advanced Study Group for collective motion, MPIPKS Dresden, coordination by Hugues Chaté, July 2012
  • ZiF Workshop "Collective Motion in Biological Systems: from Data to Models", November 5 - 9, 2012
  • Reseach stay in the group of Igor Aronson at the Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, November 2012

Invited Talks

  • Humboldt-Universität Berlin, group of Lutz Schimansky-Geier, Statistical Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics & Stochastic Processes, February 6 2012
  • ENS de Lyon, conference Particules actives, organized by E. Bertin, O. Dauchot and J.-C. Géminard


  • Volker Schaller from the group of Prof. Bausch (TUM)
  • Olivier Dauchot  (ESPCI Paris) and Hugues Chaté (CEA Paris)
  • Igor Aronson, Argonne National Laboratory