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(02.02.) Scattering Amplitudes from Generalized Double Copies

John Joseph Carrasco (Saclay)

02.02.2017 at 16:15 

Recent conceptual advances have allowed us to delve further than ever before into the quantum corrections to scattering amplitudes, perhaps nature's most perfect microscopic structures. Doing so we have uncovered surprisingly powerful relations known as the color-kinematic duality, and associated double-copy structure, universal to many theories from the entirely formal to the utterly effective, applicable to processes from pion scattering to cosmic inflation. Using the color-kinematic duality to construct double-copy amplitudes has tremendous computational advantages, but manifesting the necessary duality can be challenging at higher loops. I will introduce a new approach that starts from generic gauge-theory integrands, and apply a modified double-copy procedure to obtain gravity integrands that include contact terms generated by any single-copy violations of dual Jacobi identities. I will demonstrate with three-, four- and five-loop examples in maximal supergravity.

Arnold Sommerfeld Center
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