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Moduli Stabilisation for Chiral Global Models in Type IIB

Roberto Valandro (Hamburg)

08.12.2011 at 16:15 

We combine moduli stabilisation and (chiral) model building in a consistent global set-up in Type IIB. We consider compactifications on Calabi-Yau orientifolds which admit an explicit description in terms of toric geometry. We build globally consistent compactifications with tadpole and Freed-Witten anomaly cancellation by choosing appropriate brane set-ups and world- volume fluxes which also give rise to SU(5)- or MSSM-like chiral models. We fix all the Kaehler moduli within the Kaehler cone and the regime of validity of the 4D effective field theory. This is achieved in a way compatible with the local presence of chirality.

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