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(CHANGE OF TIME!) Towards disentangling the landscape of extended supergravities

Adolfo Guarino (Groningen)

12.10.2011 at 13:00 

In the last decade, a framework in which string dualities are implemented at the supergravity level has been developed, i.e., the so-called embedding tensor formalism. It has been very successful when it comes to study and classify gauged supergravities in a covariant and systematic way, especially in the cases of maximal and half-maximal supergravities in four dimensions. However, the connection between this formalism and string theory realisations remains still obscure since most of the supergravities obtained by using the embedding tensor formalism correspond to very exotic (non-)geometries in the string side. In this talk we will concentrate on half-maximal supergravities arising from flux compactifications of type II strings. By making a combined use of the embedding tensor formalism and of novel algebraic geometry techniques we will chart the landscape of vacua in some specific setups which are relevant from the string theory viewpoint. We will discuss the issues of stability and supersymmetry at those vacuum solutions and also their lifting to maximal supergravity. Finally we will point towards some natural extensions of the results.

Arnold Sommerfeld Center
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